Mokaji Krishna Hotel & Restaurant

Mokaji Krishna Hotel & Restaurant 15 Rooms Property situated at Jodhpur Jaisalmer Road location Dechu Village at On NH-125.

KRISHANA HOTELS & RESTAURANT provide Best Luxurious Stay big Rooms and wardrobe with King Size beds.

Krishan Hotels & Restaurant has best Delicious Cooks with trained staff. On road best center point stay Jodhpur-Jaislamer Highway.

Best Night Stay Location your & your Loving Family.

Best Open  Big Parking. Very Soon Krishna Hotels & Restaurant started own luxury Camp Tent 10 away from Krishan Hotels & Restaurant location Village Sand Dunes and Very Peace location.

Today Village echo Tourism is best & better option for outside Picnic and Tourism Tour.

Village Safari and all types of Guest angegment night camp fire.

Hot & tasty fresh food with best staff. So If you want stay night then Just book your stay early with tasty food.

Home made Ghee & Curd Lassi. Organic Vegetable and all types of masalas. So just Join with Mokaji Krishana Hotels & Restaurant.




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