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Urban,Rural & Highway Road Side Franchisee Model

Mokaji Hotels Private Limited which is doing its business in Hotels Restro & Resorts,Stay and Home Stay. Which is a registered company of 2019. Mokaji (MOKAJI) which will issue 1 MOKAJI Franchisee outlet per 100 km road distance across India.

In urban areas, it will issue its Franchisee at 10 km city location according to Central, East, West, North, South in big cities. At the Tehsil level, it will issue its Franchisee at the best Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts and Home Stays. In which Franchisee will help and business support the firm taking the logo and its trade as well as increasing the stock of better market value, customer diversion and best tourist customer.

Mokaji which will always help to deliver the best business in the market with the best business support from its Franchisee Partners Firm. Whoever joins the firm Mokaji, then by being a part of Mokaji chain, he will be able to earn good money in his business.

Benefits of joining Mokaji Company.

MOKAJI COMPANY WHICH IS A REGISTERED COMPANY BY THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. Which is doing Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts and Home Stay & Tours business since last three years. Which is also moving ahead in the field of better business in Corona.

MOKAJI The company has its own logo,trade name and customer stock in the field of tourism in the market.

MOKAJI Which is the small and medium trader in the market with complete management who are trading their small business with limited customer stock. Give your market support to such firms.

MOKAJI company will give its franchisee  from national highway to city and big village and tehsil area all over India and in the coming future at the whole world level.

Logo and Trade names are more in trend and contemplation today. After Corona, customers coming from the country and abroad will now feel hesitation or fear or doubt in staying locally and without any big and government firm.

After Corona and even before in the 21st century, a little good and capable customer, who is called guest in the language of tourism. Feeling doubtful about stopping. Today guest i.e. customer tourist will prefer to stay at such outlets which is associated with the firm or outlets are associated with a registered firm.

Registered firm doing business with best market value with all protocols and rules and regulations of foods and short stay stay and catering from Government of India.

Any local area firm that will put the MOKAJI trade logo on its outlets will be a FRANCHISEE partner of the MOKAJI company.

There will be a one year business agreement between the firm taking MOKAJI and the FRANCHISEE. In which the renewal agreement of every year will be decided after due consideration of the company giving MOKAJI FRANCHIEE and the firm taking the FRANCHISEE. In which the FRANCHISEE giving company and the FRANCHISEEtaker company must have read the acceptance and acceptance of all the terms and conditions of the receiving firms FRANCHISEE.

If the behavior and business policy of both are in sync throughout the year, then both the firms will continue to carry forward the agreement every year. In which both will continue to get good benefits in business. MOKAJI The company will give market value to the firm along with increasing the business in all its terms.

The firm taking MOKAJI’s ‘FRANCHISEE’ will be bound to do the business as per the brand and trade of the company and without harming the trade of the company and without doing any illegal business or doing anything wrong and according to the best and government norms. If any form is found to be incorrect after taking the FRANCHISEE form after taking the FRANCHISEE as per the rules, then the MokaJI company can release or expel it from its FRANCHISEE along with the penalty with immediate effect.

Misuse of image and name of MOKAJI KBRAND trade and MOKAJI Market Value of the company If restaurants and hotels provide spices or services outside the stipulated rules or are found to be offering substandard services or misbehaving with the guest, then FRANCHISEE But the penalty and expulsion will be decided immediately. There will be an official warning on three. Therefore, MOKAJI COMPANY will not compromise with wrong rules and substandard service or service at any cost from its brand to trade and market value and image. If all the above things are liked or accepted by any firm, then you can take advantage of MOKAJI TRADE LOGO  and BRAND value in your business by becoming a partner of MOKAJI COMPANY .

8. The standings of taxi service of MOKAJI TOURS will be available at all MOKAJI FRANCHISEE OUTLETS. In which the benefit of tempo traveler to taxi guest standing will be available.

There are two models of MOKAJI FRANCISEE Highway Road Side Property.

5000/- to 10,000/- per month.

Logo/Trade Name MarketGuest Support.

MOKAJI TRADE LOGO, BRAND, MARKET GUEST SUPPORT,Marketing,Branding,Advertising and Online and Off Line Support with 22% to 25% NET VALUE RETURN.

Either of the two models. Both the models will not be valid.

MOKAJI FRANCHISEE Activation Fee will be applicable on each model. Contains three models. Activation Charges Non-Refundable.

Special MOKAJI FRANCHISEE Urban Area Model Activation Fee Charges

Brownz – 50,000/-

Trade Logo,Website Presentation,Hoarding Value Return Net Value 22℅

Silver – 1,00,000/-

Trade Logo,Website Presentation,Hoarding,Online Marketing Support,Value Return Net Value 22℅

Golden – 1,50,000/-

Trade Logo,Website Presentation,Hoarding,Online Marketing Support,Staff Training with Property Grooming business Net Value 22℅

Diamond – 2,50,000/-


Trade Logo,Website Presentation,Hoarding,Online & Offline  Marketing Support,Staff Training with Property Grooming business Net Value 25% with Local Area Supports,Advertising Supports, Business Power Buster Supports.

This Model is Call like Super Power Pack Model for Serious and become big brand and Market Value in Future.


One Time Mokaji Franchisee Activation Fee :15,000 to 1,00,000/-

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