February 25, 2024

Sam Sand Dunes Jaisalmer


Welcome you and your family to Jaisalmer, famous for its sandy beaches. Famous in the name of sandy dhows in the country and the world, Sum Sand Dunes is famous for the yellow trembling sands known as Sum’s sandy dhows.

As far as the eye can see, there are pools of sand.

Somewhere there is a wavy shape and somewhere high dunes. Wow re nature your strange workmanship. Somewhere mountains covered with snow, sometimes the ocean is waving, and somewhere sand is sand. Somewhere water is water, somewhere green forests.

Every tourist coming to India from all over the world makes sure to visit Jaisalmer. The main attraction of Jaisalmer tour is Dhore and Sand. The main attraction of the tourists as well as the moonlit night on the sand has a different view.

By the way, as far as the western border of India can be seen from Barmer to Jaisalmer. Sand is sand. But 40 km from Jaisalmer, the main center of attraction for the tourists for the sand banks is a place called Sam.

The stretches of sand around the border till the border are world famous. This place is tourist point hub. Millions of people come and go here every year. They roam around, stay and do entertainment programs at night at Dharo.

There are strong cloth tents ie camping to stay in even. It has all kinds of tourist luxury facilities. It has all the facilities like toilet and other facilities. There is a complete arrangement of camel rides and other programs and Rajasthani and all other types of dishes and manners with Kalbelia dance along with food and living.

Book with us and experience sweeping sand dunes across stark golden sands. The untamed desert that surrounds Jaisalmer is the very opposite of the city. A dramatic shift from the city’s ever-ambitious, futuristic buildings, the Thar Desert offers necessary respite from the city’s thriving core. Indeed, the raw beauty of the desert remains a healthy reminder to visitors that, no matter how many technological advances there are, nature will always reign supreme. The campsites dotted throughout the landscape offer a rare insight into how the first desert-dwellers lived, while most trips to the desert also include jeep safari, paragliding and camel rides. Take time to look around and take pictures, this tour is a great opportunity to
capture breathtaking views of the desert during sunset.




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